Social Media Marketing 4 Business

It is interesting to browse through the top websites as assessed by Alexa here: TOP Sites

Eleven of the top 100 websites are social media sites. (I have also included an estimate of recent total monthly visitors, when I found a credible estimate somewhere else on the web.)

Note that blogging is understated because it is not dominated by a social site. For example, according to WordPress there are more blogs using WordPress software on a private site than using the WP blog hosting site that is used in this ranking.

The top eleven ranked by Alexa:

Platform(s)                Social Media                Monthly Visitors             Alexa Rank[2]

  1. Facebook             Social Network               850 million                                2
  2. YouTube             Video-sharing                 800 million                                3
  3. Twitter                Micro-Blogging               250 million                                9
  4. LinkedIn             Professional Network    110 million                               14
  5. Google+               Social Network              …

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