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50 Interesting Facts about Vaginas.


Web Page Mistakes…

Manually Delete Trojan:Win32/Startpage.UY Virus in a Safe Removal Way.


How to Unhide System Files

Battlefield 3 Wallpapers in HD with 1080 Resolution.

Lingerie Football League Features Different Rules, No Shortage of Contact (Photos)After only existing for two years, the Lingerie Football League is in a prime position to expand. The league may travel to places like Houston, Phoenix, Detroit, New Orleans and even Australia and England.

The LFL has a lot of unique rules, including that only seven players are allowed on the field for each team. But the change of rules or clothing doesn’t mean the LFL lacks contact or exciting plays.

Click here to see LFL players in action >>

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My Favorites at DansMovies

My Favorites at DansMovies.

Social Media Marketing 4 Business

It is interesting to browse through the top websites as assessed by Alexa here: TOP Sites

Eleven of the top 100 websites are social media sites. (I have also included an estimate of recent total monthly visitors, when I found a credible estimate somewhere else on the web.)

Note that blogging is understated because it is not dominated by a social site. For example, according to WordPress there are more blogs using WordPress software on a private site than using the WP blog hosting site that is used in this ranking.

The top eleven ranked by Alexa:

Platform(s)                Social Media                Monthly Visitors             Alexa Rank[2]

  1. Facebook             Social Network               850 million                                2
  2. YouTube             Video-sharing                 800 million                                3
  3. Twitter                Micro-Blogging               250 million                                9
  4. LinkedIn             Professional Network    110 million                               14
  5. Google+               Social Network              …

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Horny sluts trying fisting @ Ass Point.

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